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COP26 in Glasgow has come to an end and while there were some signs of progress – with new promises made – the overall outcome was very disappointing. Leaders and policymakers are not acting with the urgency or the ambition needed to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C. They are more concerned about their popularity, the politics of today and that which effects their immediate future.

Around the world, people are experiencing the subtle and stark effects of climate change. Gradually shifting weather patterns, rising sea levels and more extreme weather events are devastating evidence of a rapidly changing climate and urgent need for solutions. 

After all the talk at COP26, we must now see action. Without it, global temperature is on track to rise by 2.5 °C to 4...

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Chris Long – On Preventing The Death of our Oceans

Alex Melia & Fascinate Productions have recorded a podcast interview with Chris Long, talking about Sport Aid, Earthdive and Climate Action.

“Chris left school at the age of 16 but, very quickly, he found a stimulating project to get his teeth into. He began travelling to Africa and the Middle East to help them improve their farming methods. From there, he set up Sports Aid to help combat famine in Africa. Through a project called Earth Dive, he is now working on saving the entire planet.”

Tune in to listen here

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Change The World

The 1980s were a time of global consciousness and a willingness of individuals to take responsibility for others. It was a time of global events to raise awareness and funds for people in need. It started with Live Aid and continued with Sport Aid, Hands Across America, Canada’s Northern Lights and The First Earth Run.

It was an incredible time when people removed responsibility from policymakers and took action themselves – individually and collectively. The movement started with music – Live Aid, Tears Are Not Enough, We Are the World, Do They Know It’s Christmas?

But I believed people could do more than listen to music and make donations – they could actively engage in the cause...

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What Sport Aid can teach us about dealing with climate change doom

What difference does changing your lifestyle actually make in the grand scheme of things? Why do anything, if we’re all doomed anyway?”

In a recent survey, 10,000 young people were asked about climate change. 75% said the future of the world was frightening, while more than 50% said they thought humanity was doomed.

Feelings of shame, fear, anger, guilt and frustration have even been given a name: climate anxiety. And it’s on the rise.

‘Do something – even if it’s small’, is a call-to-action that just doesn’t connect with most of us. 

‘What’s the point, if i’m the only one doing it?’

But, on May 25th 1986, before the internet, social media and mobile phones, millions of people around the world, who felt similar feelings of shame, anger, guilt and frustration...

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‘I care about the climate but my dad works in the oil industry’

Stephanie is concerned about the impact burning fossil fuels has on climate change. But her dad Andrew is a senior employee at BP and worked in the oil industry for more than 20 years.

The 13-year-old from Surrey questions: “Does this mean he doesn’t care about my future? Does this mean by default that I don’t care about the planet?”

Climate change is a hot topic at home. While Stephanie worries about the Earth’s future, she hopes BP’s sustainability commitments could make her dad part of the solution.

You can find stories by other young people on the BBC Young Reporter website.

With thanks to the Gaia art installation by Luke Jerram and Creative Barking and Dagenham.

Video by Jamie Moreland

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Video 6 in my series to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Sport Aid and Run the World.

It was May 24th, the day before the Race Against Time. Buckingham Palace, Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Concorde – quite a day. Then, Geldof saying he wasn’t coming!!!

Extracts from “I RAN THE WORLD” by Chris Long

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Video 5 in my series to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of Sport Aid and Run the World.

The Race Against Time was getting closer and my stress levels were getting higher. Extracts from ‘I Ran The World’ by Chris Long.

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Video 3 in series to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Sport Aid and Run the World

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Video 2 in series to commemorate the 35th anniversary of sport aid and Run the World
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