What Sport Aid can teach us about dealing with climate change doom

What difference does changing your lifestyle actually make in the grand scheme of things? Why do anything, if we’re all doomed anyway?”

In a recent survey, 10,000 young people were asked about climate change. 75% said the future of the world was frightening, while more than 50% said they thought humanity was doomed.

Feelings of shame, fear, anger, guilt and frustration have even been given a name: climate anxiety. And it’s on the rise.

‘Do something – even if it’s small’, is a call-to-action that just doesn’t connect with most of us. 

‘What’s the point, if i’m the only one doing it?’

But, on May 25th 1986, before the internet, social media and mobile phones, millions of people around the world, who felt similar feelings of shame, anger, guilt and frustration over the African famine, did do something!

Chris Long on BBC News on the eve of Sport Aid and the Run the World

20 million people from 274 cities in 89 countries came together at one single moment in time and delivered a petition of blistered feet to the UN in New York, demanding action.

It was and still is, the largest mass demonstration in history and Chris Long want us to do it again, for climate Change.

You can read all about it in ‘I RAN THE WORLD’.