Sport Aid ’88 Videos

Here are some videos of Sport Aid ‘ 88 and the First World Carnival. It is a selection of videos that have been posted by people on youtube over the years. Each one is annotated with the relevant paragraph (page) in the book.

Sport Aid '88 logo
Chapter 15 Page 208 He had children of different ethnicities taking [...]
Sport Aid '88 Global Report - South America
Chapter 15 Page 206 Simon’s programming was starting to take shape [...]
Madonna Press Conference for Sport Aid '88
Chapter 16 Page 218 Madonna and Mike Tyson agreed to be at the press [...]
Sport Aid '88 on Roustabout
Chapter 16 Page 228 They had a programme called Roustabout and it [...]
Sport Aid '88 Dubai
Chapter 17 Page 240 Simon’s First World Carnival comprised [...]
Sport Aid '88 First World Carnival
Chapter 17 Page 240 The Sheffield concert was in Hillsborough Park [...]
Biggest Banner in the World
Chapter 16 Page 220 It went into the history books at the time as one [...]
BBC2 Highlights of Sport Aid '88
BBC2 highlight programme of Sport Aid '88 and the First world Carnival.

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