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Australia Pop Video for Sport Aid
"It was huge and contributed to a massive turnout in Australia with [...]
Status Quo Video
Status Quo's special promo video for Sport Aid '88
Sport Aid '88 Video
We produced a music video to promote the Sport Aid 1000 and the Race [...]
Sport Aid 1000 Erasure video
Chapter 15 Page 212 Erasure had agreed to re-record It Doesn’t Have to [...]
Status Quo
Chapter 16 Page 226 The boys appeared on TV to launch the song. We had [...]
Everybody wants to Run the World
Chapter 8 Page 84 "We talked about a music promo for Sport Aid and I [...]
Cars Video
Chapter 4 Page 39 "What followed was an image of a small African [...]
USA for Africa
Chapter 3 page 31 Around this time an American benefit record was also [...]

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