Sport Aid Videos

Here are some videos of Sport Aid and the Race Against Time. It is a selection of videos that have been posted by people on youtube over the years. I have annotated each one with the relevant paragraph (page) in my book.

Sport Aid Gymnastics – Eugenia Golea
Chapter 9 Page 110 Something like 10 nations were taking part [...]
Cliff Richard in Sport Aid
Chapter 9 Page 100 Cliff Richard, choreographer Arlene Philips and [...]
Bob Geldof starting the Race Against Time
Chapter 11 page 131 I turned away as the huge Star Vision screen cut [...]
BBC Grandstand coverage of the Race Against Time
Chapter 9 Page 112 Finally, the BBC committed to covering the London [...]
Ouagadougou Live TV Feed
Chapter 11 Page 134 . . .and then, miraculously. . . 25,000 [...]
Norwegian Sport Aid Event
Chapter 12 Page 140 The news stories just kept coming in and [...]
Ken Kragen on ‘CNN Showbiz Today’ May 26, 1986
Chapter 13 Page 165 One morning I was sitting in my office when [...]
Simon Dring
Chapter 12 Page 152 Each clip of a tanned Simon was recorded after [...]
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