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Following Sport Aid and Sport aid ’88, the entire film library was donated to UNICEF. All this video material was discovered on youtube. Videos have been posted by numerous people over the years and give a good idea of the global scale of Sport Aid and Sport Aid ’88. If you have any videos of the event, please post on youtube and send the link to

Simon Dring
Chapter 12 Page 152 Each clip of a tanned Simon was recorded after [...]
Milk Advert with Bob Geldof
Chapter 12 Page 152 "Just after the video was finished, Bob appeared [...]
Sport Aid ’88 logo
Chapter 15 Page 208 He had children of different ethnicities taking [...]
Sport Aid ’88 Global Report – South America
Chapter 15 Page 206 Simon’s programming was starting to take shape [...]
Madonna Press Conference for Sport Aid ’88
Chapter 16 Page 218 Madonna and Mike Tyson agreed to be at the press [...]
Status Quo Video
Status Quo's special promo video for Sport Aid '88
Sport Aid ’88 Video
We produced a music video to promote the Sport Aid 1000 and the Race [...]
Sport Aid 1000 Erasure video
Chapter 15 Page 212 Erasure had agreed to re-record It Doesn’t Have to [...]
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